It's Political

As a state or county employee, politicians can enact laws that affect your job, your family and community. Get involved with HGEA's political action committee to help protect your rights as a union member!

Legislative Program

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The state Political Action Committee (PAC) is responsible for the HGEA legislative program. Legislative measures supporting the wants and needs of the union membership are solicited from the general membership at every opportunity throughout the year, ranging from the deliberations of the General Assembly, to the distribution of input forms to the members.

These proposed measures are then screened by the state PAC and sent to the Board with recommendations for approval. The executive director and staff are responsible for lobbying at legislatures and with the governor & county mayors to enact the union’s legislative package.

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Political Action

Placeholder ImageWe must remember that:

  • Politicians have the final say on your contract.
  • Politicians pass budgets that affect your job.
  • Politicians can change collective bargaining.
  • Politicians enact laws affecting your family and community.

But you can make a difference! By voting with HGEA, you are saying that your job, benefits, retirement and ultimately your family’s welfare, are your top priorities. A better life for you and your family. That's why political action is a union priority.

Get involved to protect your rights




Placeholder ImageWhat is PEOPLE?

PEOPLE (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality) is AFSCME’s political and legislative fundraising arm used to fight for workers’ rights and make sure we get the right candidates elected.

As an affiliate of AFSCME, HGEA receives essential monetary funds to help support the campaigns of our union's selected political candidates. And since PEOPLE is subsidized solely through voluntary contributions by members, we need your help!