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Letter to the Star-Advertiser from President Jackie Ferguson-Miyamoto

July 13, 2011

President Jackie Ferguson-Miyamoto recently sent a letter to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser regarding their editorial “HSTA hard line is unproductive.” Following is the letter, which was published in this morning's Star-Advertiser edition (July 13, 2011).

I took great interest in your recent editorial ("HSTA hard line is unproductive," Star-Advertiser, Our View, June 30) in which you state, "Union leaders should take the longer view, that by helping the governor meet his budgetary goals they can buy some goodwill that could pay off when fiscal fortunes improve."

If past history is any indication, I doubt that you will be standing in support of government employees when the state economy improves. During the early 2000s, when business was booming and the state had a huge budget surplus, the Hawaii Government Employees Association sought modest wage increases and I clearly recall that Honolulu daily newspapers implied we were greedy and asking for too much.

Government employees — your readers — will surely remember this editorial and will pay close attention to what you say during contract negotiations when Hawaii's "fiscal fortunes improve."

Jackie Ferguson-Miyamoto

President, HGEA/AFSCME Local 152

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