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Legislative Update: Favored Nation EUTF Bills Set for Final Vote

April 28, 2012

Funding bills S.B. 2323, S.B. 2324 and H.B. 2495 (relating to EUTF and cost of favored nation outcomes) were decked, and will be voted on for final passage in each house next week. These would affect employees in the State Executive Branch, Department of Education and the University of Hawaii. As mentioned in the April 26th eBulletin, we received support from House and Senate leaders for the funding vehicles needed for implementation of the HGEA favored nation provision, despite apparent obstacles created by the Abercrombie administration.

Bills impacting retirement benefits for new hires only were also acted upon and are set for final vote next week.

In a notable change of position, S.B. 2214 (EUTF Impasse) was also decked, allowing unions to take the negotiations dispute over EUTF premiums to impasse as provided in Chapter 89. This means that if no agreement is reached, unions can strike or arbitrate premiums.

S.B. 2967 (Ocean Safety) and S.B. 1065 (Law Enforcement) were proposed to be merged, establishing a new bargaining unit for these employees. The bill was deferred, likely killing it this session, though at the time of this report there was an extension agreement reached to allow more time for bill consideration.

Once language of the bills are made public, we will be able to provide additional details in eBulletins early next week.

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