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Oppose Banner Health — this Wednesday, fight against privatization of Hawaii's public hospitals

February 04, 2013

Currently, in the 2013 Legislature, there is a serious attempt by some elected officials to privatize hospitals in the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC). As we have been informing you, Banner Health, an Arizona-based national nonprofit hospital system, is currently in talks with HHSC's Maui region and East Hawaii region to form a partnership that would negatively impact employees, their jobs and our communities.
If Banner Health takes over, they will most likely terminate all employees and re-hire only those who pass pre-employment requirements. Since Banner Health is against unions, employees will no longer be state employees, and civil servant service status as well as retirement benefits (except what is vested) will be lost. Banner Health may also cut vital services that our communities depend on. In addition, Banner Health expects the State of Hawaii to fund at least 50 percent of any capital expenditures — Hawaii taxpayer dollars will be supporting and funding a mainland company to provide Hawaii health services.
Click here to view H.B. 1483.

Click here to view H.B. 1484.
We encourage you to attend the hearing in person or submit written testimony in opposition of these two bills.
Just an hour of your time this Wednesday morning will make a difference!
House Health Committee and House Labor & Public Employment Committee
Hearing on House Bill 1483 and House Bill 1484
Wednesday, February 6
8:30 a.m.
State Capitol, Conference Room 329

Your testimony is a way to make your concerns count! Please submit testimony for both H.B. 1483 and H.B. 1484.

Follow these simple steps to submit your testimony:

1. Write a short message to express why you are opposed to the bill — be sure to indicate the bill number.
Need help writing your testimony? Click here to download a sample testimony.

2. Send an email directly to the legislators:

House Health Committee:

•    Chair Della Au Belatti –
•    Vice Chair Dee Morikawa –

•    Rep. Rida Cabanilla –

•    Rep. Mele Carroll –

•    Rep. Jo Jordan –
•    Rep. Bert Kobayashi –
•    Rep. Justin Woodson –
•    Rep. Lauren Cheape –
House Labor & Public Employment Committee:

•    Chair Mark Nakashima –

•    Vice Chair Mark Hashem –
•    Representative Henry Aquino –

•    Representative Linda Ichiyama –
•    Representative Kaniela Ing –
•    Representative Roy Takumi –
•    Representative Ryan Yamane –
•    Representative Kyle Yamashita –
•    Representative Aaron Johanson –


Click here to upload your testimony to the State Legislature website via an online form.


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