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Fight against privatization of Hawaii's public hospitals — this Wednesday, voice your opposition to Banner Health

February 09, 2013

HGEA has come to learn that Honolulu lobbyist Bob Toyofuku has been retained by Banner Health for this legislative session. At Mr. Toyofuku's request, HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira met with him yesterday evening  to clarify the many concerns that HGEA has with the Banner Health privatization proposal.

In the meeting, Perreira explained that HGEA has serious concerns and objections to how the proposed lease has played out, with little information forthcoming from Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) management and nothing directly from Banner Health.

Mr. Toyofuku explained that he is not empowered to act on behalf of Banner Health, but that he would pass on our concerns to Banner Health's leadership. Should the company respond to our concerns, we will quickly report to you.

Meanwhile, the Senate Health Committee will be hearing their version of the HHSC change bills that the House heard on Feb. 6.

Click here to view S.B. 1306.

We encourage you to attend the hearing in person or submit written testimony in opposition of this bill.

Just an hour of your time this Wednesday afternoon will make a difference!

Senate Health Committee
Hearing on Senate Bill 1306
Wednesday, February 13
1:30 p.m.
State Capitol, Conference Room 229


Your testimony is a way to make your concerns count!

Follow these simple steps to submit your testimony for S.B. 1306:

1. Write a short message to express why you are opposed to the bill — be sure to indicate the bill number.

Need help writing your testimony? Click here to download a sample testimony.

2. Send your testimony directly to the legislators:

Click here to upload your testimony to the State Legislature website via an online form.


Send an email to the Senate Health Committee:

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