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New bargaining unit created

June 24, 2013

On Friday, June 21, Senate Bill 883 was signed into law as Act 137, Session Laws of Hawaii, 2013. This law establishes a new collective bargaining unit, Bargaining Unit 14, to represent state law enforcement officers, and state and county ocean safety and water safety officers.

HGEA believes creating this new bargaining unit provides for the most effective and efficient mechanism to address these members’ unique needs. For instance, the specialized needs of law enforcement and ocean safety officers, such as mandatory training and certifications, uniform and equipment allowances, and terms and conditions of employment, can be more directly and uniformly addressed with their employer.

Based on the language of the new law, approximately 700 members will be affected by this change, pending approval from the Hawaii Labor Relations Board on the composition of Bargaining Unit 14. The transition to this new bargaining unit does not result in any break in service for the affected employees. Until a collective bargaining agreement is negotiated for the new Unit 14, the rights, benefits, and privileges currently enjoyed by state law enforcement officers and state and county ocean safety and water safety officers shall be maintained under their existing collective bargaining agreements.

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