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Legislative update: H.B. 1075 passes Third Reading in the Senate

April 16, 2015

Contact your Representatives in Opposition

Thank you to the many members who contacted their Senators to express opposition to H.B. 1075, which privatizes the Maui Region of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation and affects 900 member jobs. On Tuesday, the Senate cast their Third Reading votes on the Senate version of H.B. 1075. Of the 25 Senators, 10 registered concerns and voted with reservations and Senator Brian Taniguchi voted in opposition.

The current version of H.B. 1075 removed employee protections found in prior versions of the bill. HGEA strongly opposes this version. 

Contact the House of Representatives at in opposition.

The bill was returned to the House of Representatives. The House can either agree to the Senate version of the bill, cast a final vote and transmit the bill to the Governor for his consideration, or disagree to the Senate version, where the bill will go to Conference. In Conference, the House and the Senate will appoint legislators to resolve differences between the various versions of the bill.

We will continue to update you via eBulletin on the status of this important legislation.

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