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HGEA Stewards — Helping members in the workplace

April 17, 2015

If you care about your rights, benefits, working conditions and salaries, YOU ARE NEEDED!  

Who is your Union steward?
The steward partners with you and your union agent to amplify your voice at work.  
What is their role? Stewards are:

  • Leaders
    They lead by example, establish trust, reliability and credibility.
  • Educators
     They attend training and other professional development programs and share the knowledge with the members they represent.
  • Communicators
     They communicate to union leaders, the employer, legislators, and other members concerns, news on negotiations, and what’s important to the membership.
  • Organizers
     They welcome new employees and are the friendly face at the worksite.

How are they elected?
Stewards are elected by their fellow members. From now until the end of May, steward elections will be taking place and the elected stewards will hold their office from July 2015 through June 2017. Every worksite should have at least one steward.

For more information, please contact HGEA at 543-0000 or

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