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HHSC Bill Hearings Tuesday, Feb. 17 - Submit Testimony

February 16, 2015

On Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 10 a.m. in State Capitol conference room 309, the House Committee on Labor & Public Employment will hear two bills related to the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation.
HGEA strongly opposes H.B. 1075 which privatizes operations at Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Maui Region. The bill requires continued taxpayer subsidies of at least $22 million per year for 10 years for operations, requires joint funding of capital improvement projects for 10 years, and transfers all current public employees to the private operator's wage and benefit structure.  Under H.B. 1075 the private operator will have the discretion to determine if employees satisfy job requirements for comparable positions at the time of acquisition.
To submit testimony click here. Copies of testimony may be delivered to room 310 or faxed to 586-8544 (Oahu) or 1-800-535-3859 (neighbor islands).
HGEA strongly supports full financial management audits of HHSC and the re-centralization of authority to ensure efficiency and economies of scale.
Note: A House Health Committee report released yesterday erroneously stated HGEA's position. HGEA continues to oppose H.B. 1075, which privatizes HHSC Maui Region.

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