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Legislative Update - House Bill 1075

March 11, 2015

Yesterday, during a marathon nine-hour session, the House of Representatives voted on hundreds of bills and cast their Third Reading votes on H.B. 1075 H.D. 2, which privatizes the Maui Region of the Hawaii Health Systems Corportation.  There was much discussion as legislators raised concerns with how the bill is currently drafted.
We are pleased that of the 51 Representatives, 10 Representatives — Reps. Henry Aquino, Ty Cullen, Aaron Johanson, Derek Kawakami, Nicole Lowen, Bob McDermott, Dee Morikawa, Takashi Ohno, Richard Onishi, and Ryan Yamane – opposed the privatization and cast a “no” vote.  An additional 23 Representatives voted with reservations, which signals that they also raise concerns about the legislation.
The bill has crossed over to the Senate and will be referred to Senate committees.

We will continue to update you via eBulletin if the Senate calls the bill into hearing.


Previous update sent March 5, 2015

Update on HHSC House Bill 1075

The House Committee on Finance held their decision-making hearing on H.B. 1075, which privatizes the Maui Region of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation.  The Committee passed the bill as is, without making amendments to the legislation.

Representative Richard Onishi voted “No” and many of the Committee members raised concerns and reservations.  

H.B. 1075 is expected to be voted on by the full House of Representatives on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 9 a.m.  We continue to raise grave concerns and opposition to the measure and will keep you updated.

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