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HGEA announces candidates for 2015-2017 State Board of Directors

March 12, 2015

We are pleased to announce the following candidates for the 2015–2017 HGEA State Board of Directors.

PRESIDENT (1 seat)

Jackie M. Ferguson-Miyamoto
Barry J. Kwock

Darren T. Q. Wong
UNIT 3 (6 seats)

Jon A. Gasper

Harry Gima

Darleen K. Hoshida

Joycelyn “Jolly” Iwata
Iwalani P. Kaheiki
Sandra Moses
Suzy S. Okino

Sam Ti‘iti‘i
Arvid T. Youngquist

UNIT 4 (1 seat)

Priscilla A. Badua
Harold K. Naone

UNIT 13 (4 seats)
Arnold D. Abe
Roberta Chun

Ginet U. Hayes

Amanda R. K. Lowrey
Dawn O. Reppuhn
Bennett T. Yap
Pamela Young
UNIT 14 (1 seat)
Charles R. Among
Melvin N. Puu

Eight unopposed candidates are automatically elected:


Veronica M. Tarleton


Ka‘aina S. Hull


Mary D. Wagner

Diane A. Nakashima

UNIT 2 (1 seat)
Ken K. Morikawa

UNIT 6 (1 seat)
Kelcy K. M. Koga

UNIT 8 (1 seat)
Elwyn L. Watkins
UNIT 9 (1 seat)
Josette “Jojo” Kawana
Stay tuned! Look for complete candidate profiles and photos, plus videos of candidates for president and the election schedule, on our 2015-2017 board election website.

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