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HHSC Privatization Bill Goes To Senate Committee Hearing

March 16, 2015

Senate Health and Commerce & Consumer Protection Committees to Hear HHSC Maui Region Privatization Bill (H.B. 1075) Thursday, March 19
A bill to privatize the Maui Region of the state's safety net hospital system, Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, has crossed over to the Senate and will be heard on Thursday, March 19, at 9 a.m., in State Capitol conference room 229 by the Senate Committees on Health and Commerce & Consumer Protection.  HGEA strongly opposes H.B. 1075, H.D. 2.

  • More than 900 union jobs belonging to HGEA members will be affected if this legislation is passed.
  • The privatization bill only guarantees current employees will keep their jobs for six months - but they first need to satisfy the private operator's job qualifications, after six months the private operator has the option to restructure.
  • The private operator has left too many questions unanswered including which services will be improved and expanded.
  • The bill also requires continued taxpayer subsidies of at least $32 million per year for 10 years and joint state funding of capital improvement projects for a decade as well.


To submit testimony, click here. To view or download sample testimony, click here. Copies of testimony may be delivered to room 229 or faxed to 586-9391 or emailed to

HGEA strongly supports full financial and management audits of HHSC and the re-centralization of authority to ensure efficiency and economies of scale.

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