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Governor, Legislators Send Privatization Bill to Conference

May 04, 2015

A half hour before a scheduled final vote by the full House of Representatives on H.B. 1075, which allows privatization of the state's safety net hospital system in the Maui Region, Gov. David Ige spoke to the media flanked by leaders of both the House and the Senate.
Gov. Ige stated that he requested legislators delay their Final Reading vote and instead work to craft a bill that will enable a public-private partnership to move forward.
Leaders in both the House and Senate agreed to work out their differences and develop a new version of the bill. As you are aware, the current version that the Representatives were scheduled to vote on contained no employee protections.
HGEA has consistently raised concerns about what will happen to the 900 HGEA-members and several hundred other public employees who currently are working in the Maui Region HHSC.
We encourage you to continue contacting legislators in opposition to H.B. 1075.
Our legislative team will be at the Capitol daily to continue educating legislators on our position and to closely monitor this important legislation. 
Please check your eBulletins for the latest developments.

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