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READ: Union asks lawmakers to help staff at hospitals

April 15, 2016

In today's issue of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira expresses concern for employees affected by the privatization of Maui Medical Memorial Center, Kula Hospital and Lanai Community Hospital.  

“Through no fault of their own, a number of employees that currently work in the Maui hospitals will see their state employment terminate on June 30, and they’ll be converted to private status,” Perreira said. “A number of them had invested their entire careers in government.

“This is an effort to recognize the fact that if not for this privatization of the public service, these people would have continued as government employees” and would have eventually received the “retirement benefit that they have been earning,” he said. “At this point, for many of them the benefit is being cut off at the knees, because they’re not going to be able to finish their employment.”

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