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HHSC Maui Region Update State near deal with Kaiser Permanente

January 11, 2016

We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season.  As we enter the new year, here is an update on the current situation with Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) Maui Region:

Gov. David Ige and Kaiser Permanente are close to reaching a deal to transfer operations of HHSC Maui Region. Initially, December 31 was anticipated to be the deadline for conclusion of the deal, however we are hearing there are several details that still need to be hashed out in the very near future to allow the transition to move forward.

HGEA has formally requested a meeting with the Governor and it has been granted. This week HGEA, Gov. Ige and his staff, United Public Workers (UPW) and Kaiser Permanente will meet to discuss issues of importance to our members including, but not limited to:

  1. Timing of the transition
  2. Medical coverage during transition
  3. Retirement benefits
  4. Other employment issues

Note: Once a deal has been reached, there will still be several months before Kaiser Permanente takes over operations and employees transition to the private operator. During this time we will be working to safeguard employee rights and benefits.

Look for an update on developments from this week's meeting via eBulletin.

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