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Transition date set for Kaiser take over of HHSC Maui

January 15, 2016

Now that a deal has been reached for Kaiser Permanente to take over operations of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) Maui Region, here is key information that you need to know:

  1.   The transition date is set at July 1, 2016
  2. As stated in legislation passed last session, all HHSC Maui Region employees are guaranteed six months of employment with Kaiser Permanente
  3. However, if you decline employment with Kaiser Permanente before the transition date, other state or county positions statewide may be available to you through various processes
  4. Link to Maui Transfer Agreement

For those HHSC Maui Region employees transitioning to Kaiser Permanente, HGEA will be adding a private sector division that will represent Maui Region employees at Kaiser.

Many details are still being worked on.  Please check eBulletins for upcoming meeting dates, times and locations.

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