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Senate Bill 2077 Remains On Veto List

July 08, 2016

With just a few days until the July 12 deadline, Senate Bill 2077 (which provides a severance or an early retirement benefit for some Maui Region HHSC employees) remains on Gov. David Ige's veto list. The cost along with issues relating to the Employees' Retirement System are among the reasons the governor has cited for his position.
Click here to read an Op/Ed in yesterday's Star Advertiser by Executive Director Randy Perreira.
In anticipation of a veto, HGEA has been and continues to actively engage with members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to ensure legislators know the importance of this bill and that they understand how it will protect the interests of our members.
Gov. Ige has the following options with a July 12 deadline:

  • Sign the bill into law
  • Let the bill pass into law without his signature
  • Veto the bill

If SB 2077 is vetoed, legislators have the following options:

  • Allow the veto to stand
  • Override the veto with a 2/3 vote
  • Amend the bill and take a vote - bill passes with a simple majority

Additionally, the state and United Public Workers (UPW) continue to work toward an agreement. The UPW lawsuit seeks to have its employees work out the remainder of the contract before transitioning to Kaiser Permanente. If that scenario plays out, it's not clear whether the protections in the current privatization legislation would apply to their members or how any new legislation would affect them.
HGEA will continue to advocate for early retirement and severance benefits through legislation and possibly other means.
We will continue provide updates on this matter via eBulletin and the HGEA website.

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