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Executive Director Fires Back at Governor's Proposal

July 18, 2016

HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira expressed outrage over Gov. David Ige's proposal to legislators Friday that seeks to resolve the United Public Workers (UPW) lawsuit, but fails to address early retirement or severance provisions for HGEA members.
Excepts from Sunday's Star-Advertiser article:
Randy Perreira, executive director of the HGEA, described the Ige team as “incompetent fools,” and said he refused to meet with Ige last week to discuss the issue because “we knew the governor is not looking at something that we would view to be equitable for the employees.”
HGEA is “very, very seriously” considering filing a lawsuit over the privatization effort similar to one filed by the United Public Workers union, Perreira said.
“We’re not looking to be obstructionist to Kaiser, but it seems that being obstructionist is the path to getting David Ige’s attention,” Perreira said.
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To recap recent events: Gov. Ige vetoed Senate Bill 2077, which provides early retirement or severance to certain Maui Region hospital workers, on July 12 citing cost and a possible flaw in the bill that he claims jeopardizes the Employees' Retirement System tax status. He then floated an amended version. This move came after the bill passed the State House and Senate unanimously at the end of this year's regular legislative session.
Late Friday, July 15, we learned that the governor announced to key legislators a potential settlement to the United Public Workers (UPW) lawsuit, however his proposal made no provisions for HGEA employees adversely affected by the privatization.
This is obviously unacceptable and a slap in the face to hundreds of state employees who dedicated their careers to providing the highest level of care to the residents and visitors of Maui County.
Legislators rejected that proposal, demanding parity for HGEA employees. Lawmakers are reconvening soon.
It is the governor's responsibility to provide a solution that is fair to all parties involved. HGEA is preparing to file suit in both state and federal court.

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