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HGEA Advocating to Fix Senate Bill 2077: Legislators currently considering a version with serious flaws

May 02, 2016

As many of you have been following, the legislature has been debating passage of S.B. 2077 that provides relief to employees of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Maui Region, who are being affected by privatization.
HGEA introduced this legislation at the beginning of the session to mitigate the negative impact of the privatization on affected hospital employees.
On Friday, April 29, the Legislature decked a draft of the bill that had glaring omissions and gaps in terms of which employees would be covered by the bill. For example, employees in a hybrid retirement plan option were left out. Many employees noticed these gaps as they reviewed the bill over the weekend.
We are now trying to correct the flaws in the bill that legislators had decked. It is our hope that the respective Labor Committee chairs in the House and Senate will accept the HGEA version of the draft today, to allow for a final vote on the bill on Thursday, May 5.  
Thank you for your support of this critical legislation. We will keep you posted on our efforts to correct the legislative flaws in the bill as we come upon the end of the session.

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