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HHSC Initial RIF Canceled, New RIF Scheduled for 2017

November 09, 2016

Initial HHSC Reduction-in-Force Canceled
RIF to be scheduled in 2017
The Hawaii Health Systems Corporation has informed HGEA that the Reduction-in-Force initiated earlier this year will be canceled because of the decision made by the HHSC Board to transition to Kaiser Permanente on July 1, 2017.   
The cancellation of the RIF will impact roughly thirty HGEA members. If you are one of those impacted by the cancellation of the RIF and have any questions or require assistance please contact HGEA. If you did not accept a position during the RIF in 2016, you are not affected by this change.
The HHSC letter to HGEA provides notice that it will initiate another Reduction-in-Force in 2017.

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