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Maui Region Transition Update: September 1

September 01, 2016

Below are the general terms the State is proposing to HGEA, essentially the same as what UPW is being offered:

  • A severance payment determined by the formula in Act 1 (SB 2077)
  • A lump sum payment for potential lost differentials, holidays, etc. due to the transition (no figure available at this time)
  • Vesting for retirement benefits through June 30, 2017, for those who would have reached milestones only

In order for this to take place:

  • UPW and the State need to come to an agreement
  • Kaiser must agree to return to the November 6 transition date

We understand the uncertainty and anxiety you continue to experience during this transition. We want to be clear that we are closely monitoring the situation, however in order for anything to move forward the State and UPW must come to an agreement, and then Kaiser would have to reverse its position and move the transition date back to November 6. Contrary to what has been reported in the media, HGEA is not the obstacle to the transition.
We continue to advocate for the best deal for our members in this constantly changing environment.
Updates will be sent via eBulletin as information becomes available.

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