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Maui Region Transition Update: September 7

September 07, 2016

Since the privatization law passed in 2015, HGEA has moved toward the transition to Kaiser Permanente as we advocate for a fair deal for you, our members. Despite our efforts, Kaiser's most recent correspondence to the Governor indicates that the transition will not move forward until July 1, 2017.
It is our understanding that the State has reached an agreement with UPW on terms and conditions of work for their members to transition to Kaiser.
As we previously stated, the State advised HGEA that it will offer our members an equitable agreement to UPW's. We expect the State to provide a copy to us today, in order for terms and conditions to be negotiated on your behalf.
Beginning next week, informational meetings will be conducted to share the State's proposal to HGEA members. Times and dates are being finalized, a schedule will be sent out as soon as it is completed.
Please watch for the meeting schedule in an upcoming eBulletin.

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