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Thank You for Your Testimony on S.B. 207

April 05, 2017

Thank you very much for submitting testimony in opposition to Senate Bill. 207. After much discussion and questions, the House Committee on Finance passed the bill with amendments, noting the need to ensure further discussion.
Other vehicle bills (House bills 233 and 234) were not scheduled by the Senate, leaving S.B. 207 as the sole remaining bill to resolve issues surrounding Act 1, Sessions of Law Hawaii 2016.
We anticipate S.B. 207 will be voted on by the full House of Representatives on Tuesday, April 11. We expect the bill will proceed to Conference Committee where the House and Senate will appoint legislators to further discuss the bill.
Please note that the House Committee on Finance also passed S.B. 944 which provides an appropriation to fund the severance benefit.
HGEA will continue to keep you updated on these important issues.

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