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READ: Voters Just Killed Right to Work in Missouri, Proving Labor Still Has Power Under Janus

August 16, 2018

The anti-union “right-to-work” movement has met its match in Missouri. After a string of victories across the country in recent years — including this summer's Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court ruling — organized labor has scored a hard-won victory as Missouri voters overrode a legislative move to curb union power.

In their primary election last week, Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected Proposition A, a ballot measure that would have made the state the 28th in the nation to adopt a “right-to-work” (RTW) law. With the defeat of Prop A in Missouri, the U.S. labor movement has passed its first major test since the Janus decision in June, in which the Supreme Court’s conservative majority essentially imposed “right-to-work” on the nation’s entire public sector.

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