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Vote No! on the Constitutional Convention Ballot Question

October 08, 2018

It's almost time to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming General Election either by mail or at the polls on Nov. 6! Your HGEA delegates at the 2018 Biennial General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution urging members to Vote No.

The question on your ballot will ask, "Shall there be a convention to propose a revision of or amendments to the Constitution?” We strongly urge you to Vote No!


  • Too Expensive. A ConCon will cost an estimated $55 million, money that could be spent on badly needed repairs to Hawaii's infrastructure and other needs.
  • Too Dangerous. As one of the nation's most progressive Constitutions, we have a lot to lose from mainland special interest groups pouring money in to advance their agendas. A ConCon opens the entire Constitution to changes that could weaken rights and protections including those for the environment, civil rights, Native Hawaiian rights, collective bargaining, public employee pensions and health care and more.
  • Too Many Unknowns. Who will be delegates? How will they be chosen? How long will the convention take? Why now? If there isn't a good reason to have a ConCon, why should we?

Click here to see other groups that oppose the ConCon

Not registered to vote? No problem, check out this link and register now!


For General Election: October 9

Late Voter Registration:

If you miss the Oct. 9 application deadline, late registration is available:

  • at Early Walk In Voting locations in your county during the following dates: October 23 – November 3
  • on General Election Day (Nov. 6) at your assigned polling place. Use the Find My Polling Place Locator to locate your polling place.

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