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New safety shoe purchase process for State, DOE, UH & Judiciary

August 14, 2019

Effective August 15, 2019, the State of Hawaii, Department of Education, University of Hawaii and Judiciary will be implementing new safety shoe allowance amounts for employees who are required by the employer to wear safety shoes. The safety shoe allowance amounts to be provided by the affected Employers are the same for HGEA and UPW bargaining units.

The level of safety shoes required to be worn by the affected employees is determined based on a hazard assessment conducted by the Employer. The Employer will pay up to the dollar amounts shown below for each level of safety shoes.

Safety Toe Shoe Allowance Levels Effective August 15, 2019

Level 1 Up to $131
Abrasion Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Impact and Compression, Non-Marking Outsole, Oil Resistant, Slip Resistant, Waterproof

Level 2 Up to $164
All of Level 1 (except Non-Marking Outsole) and Electrical Hazard
Protection, Heat Resistant, Lug Soles, Water Resistant

Level 3 Up to $200
All of Level 2 and Puncture Resistant

If an Employee chooses to purchase a safety shoe that exceeds the applicable allowance, the employee will be responsible for the cost in excess of the applicable allowance.

More information, including the purchasing guidelines and instructions, will be shared by the jurisdictions/departments.


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