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AFSCME: Legislation for Federal Aid, workplace protection and resources

April 02, 2020

On the national level, AFSCME is helping to lead the charge for federal aid to state and local governments and pressing for emergency infectious disease standards so front-line workers are covered. Below are some of the priorities for the Next Legislative Effort- CV4. For more details click here and here.

  • $200 billion more for state and local governments and the flexibility to use these grants and the $150 billion allocated through CARES Act for necessary public services, including those that are not specific to COVID responses. This is essential as state and local governments continue to lose revenues that fund normal public services that communities rely on from trash removal to ensuring clean water.
  • Protect workers on the front lines by: 1) Passing into law an emergency infectious disease standard so front-line workers in all states are covered, and 2) Getting all workers needed equipment (N95 masks, shields, gowns, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.) and cleaning supplies (wipes, bleach, etc.) to be safe and directing the President to use the Defense Production Act (DPA) to accelerate the production of necessary equipment and supplies and to prioritize their fair distribution
  • Additional funding for the education state stabilization fund, child care, and other needs including infrastructure.

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