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Your Feedback on our Path to Economic Recovery

April 22, 2020

The path to reopening Hawaii’s economy is beginning to take shape. The main factors are: a low, stable infection rate; food and shelter for the most vulnerable; solid health system capacity; and government and private-sector funding to keep the economy alive.

Earlier this week, Alan Oshima, who was appointed to head our economic recovery, said those factors are starting to fall in place and that the recovery plan will likely be ready to implement in three to four weeks.

The Plan shall consists of three components which shall run concurrently:


  • Carefully assess the allocation of CARES funding to better assist key economic sectors
  • Targeting communities to provide economic relief to avoid homelessness, hunger and sickness


  • Develop a process for careful re-entry into the public and the workforce
  • Focus on economic and community activities to provide recovery, job growth and capital investments in the economy


Re-evaluate and re-assess Hawaii's economy to institute a systematic change to further economic diversification, environmental preservation, sustainability, and Hawaii's way of life

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