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Fighting for You: Settlement finalized for County of Kauai’s 4-10 workweek overtime grievance

December 15, 2020

A settlement agreement was recently signed and finalized for about 400 County of Kauai employees who were unilaterally put on a temporary but mandatory four-day, 10-hour work schedule from May to July 2020, modifying contract provisions such as overtime and sick leave that were not negotiated or agreed upon. Pursuant to the settlement, affected employees in Bargaining Units 3, 4 and 13 will receive 40 hours of administrative leave to be used by June 30, 2021.

According to HGEA Advocacy Chief Stacy Moniz, “approval of administrative leave cannot be unreasonably denied.”

During the summer, on behalf of these employees placed on the modified work schedule, HGEA filed a class grievance, which the County initially denied, and the case was proceeding to arbitration. This settlement avoids the uncertainty of an arbitration hearing.

“Everyone here is very happy with the settlement, including the employees I supervise,” said Russell Wellington, Unit 13 member and recreation coordinator at the Department of Parks & Recreation. “Stacy did a great job in negotiations. The 4-10 work schedule was imposed on us, and we’re pleased we’re being compensated with admin leave for the overtime we worked.”

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