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READ: Public Services Often Are Taken For Granted

June 03, 2020

On June 2, 2020, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser published a Letter to the Editor from Unit 4 member Pamela Mitsumura. The content of letter appears below:

Public services often are taken for granted

Most of us rely heavily on essential things like clean water, functioning roadways, safe parks, beaches and other public spaces, but we rarely think about what it takes to provide our community with the services many of us have come to expect. The work that goes into making a city habitable is endless, and the workers who do those jobs are often the unsung and under-appreciated heroes of our community.

COVID-19 has strained many of us, but we can’t let it break us. It’s easy to take public services for granted, but our lives would be very different without them and the workers who provide them. We need to support our local heroes and urge Congress to pass the Heroes Act for state and local aid so we can continue serving our community and work our way toward a new normal.

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