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News release: Keep workers and customers safe as government offices reopen

May 18, 2020

The news release below was sent to the media today. We wanted to share it with you, our members, as well.



Keep workers and customers safe as government offices reopen 

HONOLULU – Hawaii Government Employees Association is seeking a uniform set of safety guidelines and requirements for all public workplaces as the State, counties and other government jurisdictions start to bring their employees back from telework and reopen to the public. To keep employees, the public and our communities safe from coronavirus, a uniform set of safety standards is needed along with personal protective equipment and training for employees.

“As health experts are giving the green light to reopen businesses, we are seeing strong safety protocols put in place in retail stores and restaurants,” said HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira. “Government needs to be just as careful. We are asking for action plans and are finding that decisions about worker and public safety are being delegated down to department heads or line supervisors – this is a recipe for chaos and confusion with each department doing something different.”

Standards must be set for employee and citizen safety, cleaning and sanitizing of workplaces, training all employees on health and safety protocols, providing sufficient PPE to employees, and means of effectuating social distancing for both employees and the public.

HGEA is ready to work with the employers for a seamless transition back to full service while ensuring employees and their customers will be operating in a safe environment.


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