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HGEA Endorses Keith Amemiya for Honolulu Mayor

May 28, 2020

At 11:30 a.m. today, HGEA will publicly announce our endorsement of Keith Amemiya for Honolulu Mayor. Your political action committees, made up of members like you, volunteered countless nights nights and weekends researching, interviewing, and vetting candidates to make this recommendation.

Thank you to all members who took time to submit comments and interview questions to the PAC feedback page. All member feedback and confidential comments about candidates were strongly considered and many of your suggested interview questions were utilized. Your feedback was one component of the many factors the PACs took into consideration when deliberating on recommendations.

As we’ve witnessed firsthand during this COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, electing leaders we can trust and who support the public workforce is critically important.

Your PAC believes that Keith’s involvement in our community, recognition and support of the critical public services that our members provide, and his record of bringing people together are necessary for the challenging times ahead. Keith represents fresh leadership and a new direction for the City & County of Honolulu.

Please see the news release below.


HGEA Endorses Keith Amemiya for Honolulu Mayor

HONOLULU – Hawaii Government Employees Association, the state’s largest union, announced its endorsement of Keith Amemiya for Honolulu Mayor.

 “HGEA’s Political Action Committee sees Keith as a leader who has a proven history of caring for the people of Hawaii,” said HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira. “He’s smart, he brings people together and he gets the job done. In times of crisis and in economic prosperity, we believe he will base his decisions on what is best for the people of Hawaii, not just numbers.”

COVID-19 has revealed how many of Hawaii’s workers are living on the edge of financial crisis. They need better protections such as higher wages and safer working conditions. In times of deep recessions and economic depressions, it is always public sector spending on projects, vital services and jobs that leads the way back to economic recovery. Keith understands this deeply.

As Mayor, Keith would first and foremost make sure that all residents and businesses that qualify for relief via the federal CARES Act and state and county programs have access to funding. Those struggling the most must have the support they need to stay safe, healthy, and housed. Keith would also focus on restarting our economic sectors and getting people back to work.

“HGEA members are many of the hardworking people providing essential public services during this COVID-19 crisis,” said Keith Amemiya. “Because they don’t seek recognition, they are often forgotten by people at the top, but I see them. If and when we prevail in this Mayor’s race, it will be my greatest honor to work side-by-side with our public employees to rebuild a strong middle class, chart a new course with fresh ideas, and emerge from this COVID-19 disaster with hope and health for all.”

Long term, it is critical that resiliency as a community is built so that future emergencies do not put Hawaii in this position again. Investing in our islands will create jobs and help build a more robust economy as well as position us to handle the inevitable future emergencies.

“Keith’s priority during this COVID-19 crisis is community and worker health,” explained HGEA member Justin Lam. “As a registered nurse, my coworkers and I deeply appreciate that he understands how health and safety measures need to be balanced with plans to reopen the economy. We believe that if elected he will prioritize the safety of workers and the public who they provide services to.”

For more information about Keith check out his website at or by clicking here.

Don’t forget, this year will be an all-mail ballot election. Primary election day is August 8, 2020. For more information go to the State Office of Elections website.


About HGEA: HGEA was founded in 1934 to ensure fair and equitable representation for government employees. HGEA is the largest labor union in Hawaii, with more than 40,000 members. HGEA represents state and county employees in eight bargaining units. HGEA also serves a large associate membership of retirees, other state and county employees and officials, and federal and private sector employees.

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