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Recognizing the Critical Role of Imaging Technologists

November 13, 2020

November 8-14 is Imaging Technologists Week -- a time to recognize their important work. Technological Advancements in Imaging have the capability of capturing the internal structures of the body, such as bones, organs, tissues, and vessels, to identify diseases during the early stages of illness, injuries from a trauma, ischemia (strokes and heart attacks), amongst other abnormalities and pathology.

Physicians from various disciplines rely heavily on the Imaging Technologists to produce high quality images that are an essential component in their patient’s diagnosis and disease management process. Operating state-of-the art medical equipment, licensed Imaging Technologists specializing in CT (Computed Tomography) scanning, Cath Lab, MRI, Diagnostic X-Rays, Nuclear Medicine, or Ultra Sound, are able to obtain the necessary scans of the requested anatomy. Often times when we encounter challenging situations, the Imaging technologists have to apply their experience, knowledge, skill sets and creativity to accomplish quality exams.

We'd like to thank all of our HGEA member imaging technologists across the State. Thanks for the important work that you do every day!

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