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State Executive Branch: Aug. 23 Deadline for Compliance with Vaccination & Testing Requirements

August 19, 2021

Beginning Monday, August 23, State of Hawaii employees who do not comply with the COVID vaccination and testing requirements may face disciplinary action. We continue to strongly encourage COVID vaccinations to protect our community and we also acknowledge that some people have medical, religious, or personal reasons for not getting vaccinated. For these members, the hasty way in which the employer has mandated the vaccine has created confusion and could negatively impact the public services they provide and their employment.

We continue to encourage employees to complete the proper attestation form by the Monday deadline and if applicable, a request for exemption. We recommend that if you attempt to get tested but are unable to (i.e., no availability, long wait times) that you document the hardships to the best of your ability.

Each department has or is in the process of creating their own policies and guidelines regarding the vaccine mandate implementation. It’s important for employees to review these procedures and be informed of all departmental expectations. Despite our demands to Governor Ige to be a part of this process, we continue to be excluded; therefore, questions regarding these procedures should be directed toward your department’s HR office. The unions continue to work in unison and will be filing class grievances against the State.

We will continue to work together to ensure the best working conditions for our employees and the public services you provide.

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