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Avoid revenue leakage on our road to economic recovery

February 03, 2021

The legislative session is getting into full swing and bills that get passed could have major impacts on our state's road to economic recovery.

Bills that leak revenue, or stop the generation of revenue, from one source will have to be made up in other areas — and that hurts all of Hawaii's working people.

After nearly a full year of pandemic shutdowns, the state's financial picture is still on shaky ground. So far, HGEA has been successful in pushing back on furloughs and layoffs. But now every effort must be made to build and generate revenue for a stronger general fund that will continue to provide for your salaries and public services, and to provide financial help for devastated businesses and families in need.

Your HGEA legislative team will be closely watching bills that affect you, your family and our communities. We know that our public workforce is a critical part of Hawaii's neighborhoods and our overall economic health and wellness.

And we can't afford a longer road to recovery.

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