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Governor changes position: Grants admin leave for employees to get COVID-19 vaccine

February 08, 2021

Following HGEA’s letter to the governor last week strongly urging administrative leave for all state employees who want to get COVID-19 vaccinations, HGEA has been informed that the Ige administration changed its position to allow it.

In a message to state executive branch employees today, Gov. David Ige said, “Providing a safe and healthy workplace is one of my top priorities, and I encourage each of you to get the COVID-19 vaccination. That’s why I’m granting two hours of administrative leave per injection for state executive branch employees who wish to receive the vaccination.”

“You must get approval from your supervisor and may be required to provide proof of vaccination registration if you wish to be vaccinated during work hours. If you already used sick time to be vaccinated, you may ask to apply for administrative leave retroactively. Employees who were vaccinated at on-site clinics at the workplace may not be eligible for administrative leave. Your manager or supervisor will have information about other specific guidelines and procedures.”

Before this change, HGEA members in frontline positions such as those working in Public Safety, correctional facilities and at the Department of Human Services were forced to use personal leave, either vacation or sick, or to get vaccinated on their time off.

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