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HGEA fighting against privatization of your jobs!

February 10, 2021

Privatizing your jobs to contractors is bad policy and bad for Hawaii’s economic recovery. That’s why HGEA strongly opposed HB 1212, which seeks to create the Office of Public-Private Partnership within the Department of Accounting and General Services and adds new project delivery methods to the state Procurement Code.

Not only does this bill open a wide range of public services to outsourcing — which leads to lower pay, unsafe working conditions, meager benefits and lack of job security — it also allows for bypassing the state procurement process that is in place to protect taxpayer dollars.

But, despite HGEA’s testimony in opposition, House Committee on Government Reform Chair Angus McKelvey and Vice Chair Tina Wildberger introduced and passed a bill out of their committee recently that would allow for the private operation of schools, prisons, hospitals, landfills, public roads, airports and more.

Chair McKelvey and Vice Chair Wildberger’s actions validate HGEA's Political Action Committees’ recommendation NOT to endorse them in past elections. 

WATCH: Committee on Government Reform (HGEA’s oral testimony begins at 19:17)

Each year at the Hawaii Legislature bills are introduced that would increase privatization of public worker jobs or otherwise harm you, our members. That’s why HGEA closely watches hundreds of bills that are introduced and provides testimony. It’s also why HGEA, through our island division and statewide Political Action Committees, is actively involved with political endorsements.

HGEA’s legislative team will continue to follow HB 1212 and testify strongly against it. We will keep you updated.

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