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HGEA Response to UH Regarding the Transition to On-Campus Operations Consultation

July 21, 2021

Thank you for your feedback regarding the University’s plans to transition to the reopening of on-campus operations and activities. HGEA has provided a response to the University of Hawaii on July 19, 2021 – see link below. We will share the University’s response upon receipt and will solicit additional comments and concerns at that time.

Please note that contrary to the University’s response that they "have begun formal discussions with the unions," HGEA has not received any information and/or have had any discussions with the University regarding mandatory employee vaccinations.

Regarding telework, HGEA will continue to advocate that the University allow employees to continue to telework. Ultimately, telework is subject to the Employer’s approval based on factors such as, but not limited to, operational feasibility, job suitability, technological capabilities and resource limitations.

READ: HGEA Response (7/19/21) to UH Transition to On-Campus Operations and Activities

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