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BOE Meeting: HGEA opposes RIFs, Unit 6 Board calls for leadership change, add your voice to the conversation

March 03, 2021

There are several important items on the Board of Education agenda that may be of interest to HGEA members this Thursday, March 4. The Human Resources Committee meeting begins at 11 a.m. and will be taking action on recommendations regarding:

HR committee agenda item:

The annual reduction in force (“RIF”) for classified employees

HGEA opposes the RIF because it is premature to take action on a reduction of 103 permanent employees based on an outdated directive of ten percent budget cuts. The current budget reduction at the school level has been revised to one percent. 

HR committee agenda item:

A new Superintendent Employment Contract

The Unit 6 board of directors submitted testimony in opposition to renewing the Superintendent's contract. 

We find it highly unusual that not all of the action items from the HR Committee made it on to the General Board Meeting agenda at 1:30 p.m. Why is it that the RIF will be up for Board action but not the Superintendent’s contract?

Also up for discussion at the General Board Meeting is a presentation by Department of Education Superintendent Christina Kishimoto and her leadership team regarding the DOE’s strategies for the safe reopening of elementary and secondary schools to more in-person learning for the fourth quarter of SY 2020-21.


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