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Candidates for 2021 HGEA State Board Election

March 08, 2021

We are pleased to announce the following candidates for the 2021–2023 HGEA State Board of Directors.*


PRESIDENT (1 seat)

Jon A. Gasper

Harold K. Naone


UNIT 3 DIRECTORS (5 seats)

Ryvette G. Figueroa

Thomas Jon “TJ” Giel

Darleen K. Hoshida

Sandra "Sandy" Moses

Lakea C. A. K. Tjomsland

Vernon L. Verzon

Darren A. Weaver


UNIT 13 DIRECTORS (3 seats)

Arnold D. Abe

Danny de Gracia

Ginet U. Hayes

Amanda R. K. Lowrey

Muhammad Anwar Quadri


UNIT 14 DIRECTOR (1 seat)

Charles R. Among, Jr.

Mark A. Ellis

Patrick M. Lewis


The following candidates are unopposed:*



Jason R. Locke



Kaloa R. N. Robinson



Cielo E. Molina



Russell K. Wellington


UNIT 2 DIRECTOR (1 seat)

Lance M. Kamisugi


UNIT 4 DIRECTOR (1 seat)

Pam F. Mitsumura


UNIT 6 DIRECTOR (1 seat)

Derek K. Minakami


UNIT 8 DIRECTOR (1 seat)

Mark C. Yap


UNIT 9 DIRECTOR (1 seat)

Justin S. Lam


UNIT 15 DIRECTOR (1 seat)

Bryan S. Phillips


*Although these candidates have been certified by meeting the criteria of providing 25 signatures required by the HGEA Bylaws, Article III, Elections, Section 5, Nominations, it should be noted that the “challenge period” will continue until Friday, March 19, 2021. If no challenges are presented to the State Committee on Elections, those candidates that are the sole candidate for their respective office will be deemed to be elected. All other offices will have contested races.

Ballots will be mailed to HGEA members' home address in April and must be returned postmarked no later than Tuesday, May 4, 2021 to N & K CPAs, Inc., HGEA's third-party elections organization. Hand-delivered ballots will not be accepted.

Candidate profiles and photos will be posted on the HGEA website this week. If you have questions, please contact HGEA Field Support Specialist Ann Ebesuno at (808) 961-0763 or

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