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DOE responds to HGEA’s demands for fairness as schools prepare for more in-person learning in the 4th quarter

March 15, 2021

As schools bring back more students to campus in the 4th quarter of this school year and beyond, HGEA pressed the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) to treat all of its employees fairly and equally on health and safety matters.

The following is a list of HGEA’s demands to the DOE:

Consistent messaging to all school employees.

  • Advance Notice: The Superintendent will confirm that all school employees receive the same advance notice from the principal before an increase to in-person schooling.
  • Remote work during quarantine: The Superintendent will confirm that in cases where a classroom, workspace and/or building is closed due to COVID-19 and students are sent home and/or directed to quarantine, all employees who are capable of working remotely will continue to do so. 

Health and safety protocols shall be implemented equally for all school employees.

  • Core essential and mitigation strategies: The Superintendent will make clear that health and safety protocols, including mitigation strategies and expectations, apply equally to HGEA members and all school employees, not just teachers.

This morning, Superintendent Christina Kishimoto responded to HGEA with assurances that health and safety protocols including mitigation strategies and expectations apply equally to HGEA members.

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