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ICYMI: Gov. Ige says lawmakers had ‘no authority’ to approve $2,200 bonuses for teachers

May 11, 2021

HNN: Gov. Ige says lawmakers had ‘no authority’ to approve $2,200 bonuses for teachers

On Monday, May 10, HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira shared his thoughts with Hawaii News Now on the Legislature's move to single out one profession for a bonus -- which is unfair and circumvents the collective bargaining process.

“With distance learning, it is now more apparent than ever that success hinges on a community,” said HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira. “Educators – including special education and classroom assistants, principals, counselors, librarians, specialists, support staff, custodians, food service employees, parents, and more, working together. It is unconscionable that the Legislature disregarded collective bargaining and granted this generous cash bonus to one group of employees while making significant departmental cuts elsewhere, like in higher education, which will likely lead to layoffs for others.”

WATCH: Gov says lawmakers had ‘no authority’ to approve $2,200 bonuses for teachers

Today's Big Q:

Do you support the $2,200 bonuses for each Hawaii public school teacher, funded by federal COVID funds?

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On Sunday, May 10, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported:

"At the tail end of the 2021 legislative session, with no public input, lawmakers decided to use nearly $30 million in coronavirus relief money to give every full- and part-time public school teacher a $2,200 bonus.

They also told the Board of Education how to spend hundreds of millions more of pandemic relief dollars, including installing air conditioners in classrooms at a time when health officials recommend more fresh air and ventilation.

Those spending mandates, however, may run afoul of state and federal laws, some education officials say."

The story includes comments by HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira.

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