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CALL TO ACTION: Urge Gov. Ige to Veto HB 613 Giving $2,200 Bonuses to Teachers

May 17, 2021

Let your voices be heard! Urge Gov. Ige to veto HB 613, which the State Legislature passed and would give every full-time and part-time public-school teacher in Hawaii a one-time $2,200 “bonus” payment at a total cost of $29.7 million. In addition to singling out and rewarding one profession over all others, this legislation violates the collective bargaining process.

Even Gov. Ige said the legislators “don't have authority to give that money to teachers. We are negotiating a contract. If we arrive at some agreement that includes a bonus, then we’ll pay the bonus, but it has to be part of the contract.”

Here's some information that may help with your message to Gov. Ige:

  • This bill ignores the hard work and sacrifices of all other public employees who continue to provide educational and other public services and who were/are at risk of contracting COVID-19 while working on the frontlines.
  • The Legislature disregarded collective bargaining, and on the last day of the 2021 Legislative Session passed HB 613, interfering with the negotiations process of the union and the employer.
  • The federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund monies were intended to provide schools with the necessary resources to help safely return to and maximize in-person instruction and maintain the operation and continuity of all school services, not just the services provided by one profession.
  • Read HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira’s letter to Gov. David Ige requesting that he veto HB 613.

Tell Gov. Ige how you feel. Please fill out a short form in the link below, and tell him you oppose this bill and urge him to veto HB 613.

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