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Judiciary Responds to Additional Questions; Vaccination and Testing Program to Begin Sept. 27

September 24, 2021

Thank you for your feedback and comments to the Judiciary's initial responses regarding the proposed Vaccination and Testing Program. On September 10, HGEA submitted some additional questions regarding the proposed program, and we received the Judiciary's response on September 21.

We also received a copy of Judiciary Memorandum 2021-005 dated September 22, 2021 from the Administrative Director of the Courts regarding the Vaccination and Testing Program and indicating an implementation date of September 27, 2021. According to the memo, negative COVID-19 test results for all employees who are “not vaccinated” or who decline to provide information about their vaccination status are due prior to the workweek starting October 4, 2021. Please contact your supervisor if you have any questions regarding the information in the memo.

The Judiciary has committed to continue discussions with HGEA as their program is implemented to address any issues or concerns. Please email any questions or comments to

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