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Mahalo Principals & School Food Service Workers

May 04, 2023

In honor of National Principals Day and School Lunch Hero Day, HGEA would like to mahalo the work of our principals and school food service workers. They are part of an ecosystem of dedicated school-level professionals responsible for educating over 170,000 students. We are proud to represent these professionals at 295 schools statewide. 

A few of your fellow HGEA members reflected on the work they do in our schools.

Glen Miyasato, Oahu
Principal, Dept. of Education
Unit 6 Member

The most rewarding part of being a principal is having the privilege of working with a dedicated and caring staff who work hard to help our students grow academically, socially and emotionally. Fern Elementary is blessed with high-quality faculty and support staff. Our Kalihi students are loving, warmhearted children eager to learn.

Mark Akine, Hawaii Island
School Food Services Manager II, Dept. of Education
Unit 2 Member

During the pandemic, we were able to provide meals to the community. Families in need from the entire island came to pick up meals. I'm extremely proud and thankful for my hardworking cafeteria staff. Without their dedication and hard work, it would not have been possible.

Curtis Mostoles, Oahu
School Food Services Manager IV, Dept. of Education
Unit 2 Member

Knowing that you're providing a healthy and nutritional meal to students so their bodies are nourished and ready to learn throughout the day is rewarding. We help them grow into strong individuals who will someday become the leaders of our community. The look of appreciation you get from students' happy faces and hearing "I love this lunch" is priceless.

  Matthew Woods, Kauai
School Food Services Manager III, Dept. of Education
Unit 2 Member

The most rewarding thing for me is knowing that what we do as school food service workers can have an impact on the students of our community. We provide meals to students who might not always have the means to get them so they have fuel for their day.

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