Arvid T. Youngquist

Oahu-at-Large Director

Why are you running for office?

To offer fellow members a choice selection on the ballot.

What are your goals?

  • Examine HGEA Mission.
  • Possibly make Permanent Temporary Committees
  • To allow for a paid leave of two years for HGEA President, i.e. similar to HSTA.


  • 79 Semester Hours from KCC Pensacola.
  • BA from Univ. of Texas at Austin
  • Ran first for Board in 1998
  • Became a Unit 3 Steward - 1999
  • Also ran for At-Large, President, Unit 3 Special election.
  • Current Unit 3 Negotiation Committee member 2016-2017
  • Previously Oahu PAC under 3 OID Chairs
  • Benefits Committee Member -once
  • Offered some 150-200 Resolutions for general assemblies
  • Charter-By-Law State Committee 1 term