Temporary Hazard Pay FAQs

July 6, 2021

City & County of Honolulu Employees Exposed to COVID May File for Temporary Hazard Pay

Thanks to a settlement between HGEA and the City & County of Honolulu, employees who were exposed to COVID-19 while working may qualify for Temporary Hazard Pay. The time period is from March 4, 2020 until Mayor Rick Blangiardi declares the COVID-19 emergency to be over.

In order to start the process, each employee must fill out the form that is linked below as soon as possible and turn it in to their supervisor or Human Resources Department.

Depending on the severity of exposure, you may request 15% for severe cases or 25% for most severe cases.

Each request will be reviewed by the City to make a determination. If you disagree with the City's response, the determination is subject to the grievance process.

Below are some FAQs to help you navigate the filing process. Please remember, this form was not created by HGEA. If you have any questions regarding the filing process or the form itself.

Download THP FAQs for City & County of Honolulu employees

Link to City & County of Honolulu THP form (fillable PDF)


What was this temporary hazard pay (THP) case about?

HGEA filed a class grievance on behalf of all HGEA bargaining unit employees after the C&C of Honolulu denied our request for temporary hazard pay (THP) for all employees who were exposed to COVID-19 while performing essential government work on the frontlines during this pandemic

What is the settlement reached between HGEA and the C&C of Honolulu for temporary hazard pay (THP) related to COVID-19 exposure?

The settlement affords the opportunity to each individual HGEA bargaining unit member employed by the City who feels they have worked under hazardous conditions relating to COVID-19 exposure to request hazard pay of 15% for severe conditions and 25% for most severe conditions. If an individual is not satisfied with the determination, that person may be allowed to file a grievance.


Who is covered by this settlement?  Who is eligible to file for temporary hazard pay?

Any HGEA bargaining unit employee who believes they may have been exposed to COVID-19 while working.

What if I already receive Hazard Pay for something non-related to Covid-19?

You can still submit a hazard pay request regarding Covid-19 exposure. Employees can submit multiple hazard pay requests as long as they are potentially dealing with different and separate hazardous conditions. 

What if I recently left government service? Am I still eligible for Hazard Pay?

Yes, if you were employed on or after March 4, 2020 you can still submit a hazard pay request since you may have experienced hazardous working conditions during that time. The time period you would enter on the form would be from March 4, 2020 until the date you left government service.


How do employees file for temporary hazard pay?

Employees requesting temporary hazard pay (THP) regarding COVID-19 exposure must complete Attachment A from the City & County of Honolulu Department of Human Resources Personnel Manual, Reference: XI-A-8, Chapter XI, Safety and Health, Temporary Hazard Pay Requests.

Is this form the only way to file for THP?

Yes. This is the City and County of Honolulu’s process to request for initial THP determination. We provided input and suggestions to the form but the City decided not to include them or make any changes. Further questions should be directed to the department’s HR representative or DHR since this is their form.

What time period is the temporary hazard pay for?

The time period for which Temporary Hazard Pay could be granted begins on March 4, 2020 and continues until the Mayor declares the COVID-19 emergency to be over. Once that is declared, you will still have 10 business days to file a request. The settlement also includes anyone who worked during the applicable time period but has since left government service with the City.

Who do I submit the form to? 

Per the City and County of Honolulu’s Policy, you submit your completed form to your supervisor. Your supervisor submits your form to the department head or designee who then submits the form to the Department of Human Resources for final evaluation.

When is the deadline to file?

Once the Mayor declares the COVID-19 emergency to be over or rescinds the emergency proclamation, you will still have 10 business days to file a request.

How long will it take for the City to make a determination regarding my claim for temporary hazard pay?

There is no required time frame in which a determination must be made.  While we expect the City to review and process the requests in the timely and responsible manner, we understand that it may take longer because of the large number of requests expected to be filed.

If my Temporary Hazard Pay Requests gets approved how much compensation will I get?

Per the HGEA contract “Hazard Pay Differentials shall be based on the minimum step of the Employee’s salary range.” Employees deemed to be in the Most Severe category will get 25% of the pay on the minimum step of their salary range. Employees deemed to be in the Severe category will get 15% of the pay on the minimum step of their salary range.


Is there only one form used to request THP?

Yes. There is only one form used by the City & County of Honolulu for THP requests. HGEA has created a fillable version of the City’s form for your convenience. This fillable PDF may be used to submit THP requests to the City & County of Honolulu.

Which fields do I fill out under the header labeled “PART I – SUPERVISOR OR UNION”

All fields under the header “PART I – SUPERVISOR OR UNION” should be filled out and signed by the employee requesting THP.

What kind of information do I input for description and duty of work activities?

Describe contact with other employees or general public as part of your work activity or project. 

Do I request 15% or 25% in the hazard pay requested amount?

It is up to you which percentage you want to request. The contract lays out conditions to meet Most Severe (25%) or Severe (15%). If you disagree with the decision from the employer you have the right to grieve that determination. Timelines will be similar to a regular grievance, 20 working days from the decision. 

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding this form?

Please direct all inquiries to your supervisor or Human Resources office.