WATCH: Fund Public Services

Every day, even during pandemics and emergencies, HGEA members keep our communities safe and running smoothly with critical public services such as health care, child welfare services and food safety. We must keep public workers employed in order to ensure the continuity of services that we all depend on. In times of crisis it’s government that steps in to help those in need. Fully funding the services our communities need will allow for a faster recovery and reopening of our economy. Let’s continue to support the people who support you.

Watch the videos below of several members who provide essential public services our communities need and a short commercial about what happens if we cut funding for public services.

Kalani Motta — Unit 13, Child & Adult Protective Services Specialist, State Department of Human Services

Sharay Souza — Unit 9, Registered Professional Nurse, Hilo Medical Center


Steve Pavao — Unit 13, Adult Mental Health Supervisor, State Department of Health

Peter Oshiro — MCEC, Environmental Health Program Manager, State Department of Health